Custom Cabinet Hardware Tips

Your custom kitchen cabinets are just on their way. Custom cabinets are at the core and soul of all, do it yourself kitchen remodeling in Los Angeles, CA. Because of this, they offer not only the very best selection of high quality kitchen cabinets do in Alexandria, VA, but also provide full-custom kitchen lines as well. There are many things to consider when choosing custom kitchen cabinets.

The main thing to consider is whether to choose your custom cabinet company from the start or you need to go through and select your kitchen or bathroom cabinets after. Most people will go through and select their cabinets from a pre-selected listing provided by their custom cabinet company. However, by doing so you will miss out on one of the most important things – door styles.

The first thing to do is think about the type of cabinetry you will be putting into your space. For example, if you have wood paneling throughout you would not want to have exposed cabinet wood from the paneling falling on your counter top. You should choose finishes for the wall cabinets and the base cabinets that match your cabinetry. For example, if you have wall cabinets and base cabinets made from the same wood type, chose a wood color that is a match or compliment for the color of your wall cabinetry.

Another important factor to consider when choosing custom cabinets for your kitchen or bath is the lighting. The placement of the lights is also a factor. In large kitchens with lots of overhead cabinets, lighting should be arranged so that it illuminates the work surface as well as the items being stored in the cabinets. For smaller kitchens, you will likely be using under cabinet lights or track lighting to illuminate the space.

Many people make the mistake of selecting full height cabinets when they are looking for custom cabinetry. In many cases, the custom cabinet company will have standard sizes available, but in other cases, they will be able to custom make full height cabinets that fit your space perfectly. This is particularly true if you happen to be building your own custom kitchen or bath. In this case, if you choose a standard size you may find that your kitchen or bath is too small for full height cabinets, leaving you with cabinets that are too long or too wide.

When you are looking for custom cabinets, you will probably notice a lot of talk about semi-custom and fully custom cabinets. Semi-custom will allow you to choose from standard hardware, such as knobs and pulls on cabinets, as well as a variety of colors and finishes. Full custom cabinets will allow you to choose your own custom cabinet doors, drawer fronts, and drawer finishes. The most popular materials for custom cabinets include wood and glass. Of course, you can always custom paint or stain your cabinets to match whatever color scheme you prefer.

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